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Client Warranty Agreement 2012

[Printable Warranty Agreement]

  1. All workmanship performed by Artisan Electric carries a *LIFETIME* workmanship guarantee that the work was completed in a competent manner and according to known specifications or accepted NEC practices/codes applicable at the time of installation.
  2. Artisan Electric must be notified in writing and given the opportunity in a reasonable amount of time (30 days) to correct any workmanship deficiency; and, under no circumstances, will money be reimbursed or credited to the owner for correcting workmanship on their own or by use of another contractor. Use of another contractor for warranty repairs will be considered as conclusive termination of this warranty agreement.
  3. Except for emergencies, we will perform work within (14) business days of notification.
  4. Emergency problems (24-hour service) will be defined as: Electrical power problems which cause a significant disruption to heating/cooling, lighting, and/or normal day-to-day operation. Electrical safety problems such as exposed/loose hot wires, overheating switch or outlet box, any fixture which is arcing or overheating.
  5. Artisan Electric will determine any deficiency in work performed or a competent authority selected by Artisan Electric and agreed to by the customer. Any disagreement between Artisan Electric and the customer as to the cause of the deficiency shall be arbitrated by an agreeable third party. Any deficiency in workmanship (not material failure/wear) agreed to by Artisan Electric or determined through an arbitrator will be corrected by Artisan Electric at our expense for labor and materials.
  6. All materials provide and installed by Artisan Electric carries a minimum of a 1-year limited warranty. Most products provided by Artisan Electric have an additional manufacturer’s warranty. Premature failure of products after the 1-year warranty period will defer to the individual manufacturer’s warranty and are not covered as part of this warranty agreement. Failure or malfunction of an Artisan Electric-installed product should be corrected through the vendor or manufacturer. Artisan Electric can help the client with the purchase date and invoice number information, if necessary.